Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding Summit Pointe Conference Center.

How do I reserve space?
Contact our Event Services Manager to check dates and availability. All requests for dates and use of event space are tentative and space is not held until a signed Booking Agreement has been received along with a non-refundable deposit. The final balance of your event is due seven (7) days prior to your event start date. Payments may be made via cash, credit card or check.

What are your hours?
Conference and events center space is available for rent seven (7) days a week from 6:00 am to midnight.

When can I visit?
The Sales team is onsite Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. It is best to schedule an appointment for a site tour and consultation with a member of our Sales team. After business hours and weekend appointments are available with advance notice.

When I get there, where should I park?
Complimentary parking is available in front of the building if you are utilizing the Grand Summit Ballroom, Summit 805 or any of the smaller meeting rooms located on this side of the building. If your event is scheduled in the Apex Ballroom or Apex Meeting room then you should park on the right side of the building just past the fountain.

How much does it cost to rent a meeting room?
Costs depend on the size of the event space being used and the number of hours used. There are additional costs for food & beverage, audio visual and equipment rental items.

What does meeting room rental include?
Initial setup and breakdown of all conference center tables and chairs provided for your guests along with white tablecloths for each table.

How do I know what meeting room has been assigned?
This should be noted on your Booking Agreement, however, there are times when we have to re-assign our guests to comparable event space so you should confirm your event space name before printing any material.

When can I bring in my decorations or materials?
You will be provided with access to your event space the day of your event 1/2 hour prior to the scheduled start time of your event to place materials or decorations and 1/2 hour after the scheduled end time to remove materials or decorations. These times are part of your total event hours booked. Requests for additional times or day before event to decorate will incur charges over and above the rental quoted for the times and dates shown on your Booking Agreement.

Who will setup my decorations or materials?
All decorations or materials must be setup by either you or your event decorator. Keep in mind that we do not permit the affixing of anything to the walls, floors or ceiling with nails, staples, carpet tape or any other damaging adhesive. We do not permit signage or decorations that block entrances or exits, doorways or service areas as required by local fire codes. This is for your safety as well as the safety of the guests attending your event.

Can I use my favorite florist?
Yes. Outside vendors, such as florists, musicians, bakers, or event/wedding planners should contact our Event Service Manager 30 days in advance of your event to confirm your arrival time. All outside vendors are responsible for removing all equipment immediately after the event. Rental charges will apply if your vendors go over the event end time or we have to store their equipment for pickup.

Where do my vendors unload?
All service personnel and equipment related to your event should enter and exit the building at the loading dock at the back of the building unless otherwise directed. All vehicles should be moved from this area immediately upon completion of loading or unloading. Vehicles may not remain parked in this area during your event.

Who cleans up after the event?
Your rental company, DJ, decorator, caterer or florist is responsible for cleaning up any area of their use, including the kitchen, service corridor, meeting room and prefunction space. Our service personnel is responsible for the removal of our linens, our equipment and our service areas used.

Can I bring my own food & beverage?
No, all food and beverage must be purchased, prepared and served by our in-house catering personnel or one of our pre-approved commercial caterers. Exceptions are made for Wedding and Specialty Cakes. All food or beverage must be consumed within the time frame of the event as stated on your Booking Agreement.

What about alcoholic beverages?
We maintain a beer, wine and liquor license which means all alcoholic beverages must be purchased by the conference center and served by our certified ServSafe bartenders. Food service is required for any event providing alcoholic beverages. All cash bars require security on duty; please see your Event Service Manager for details and charges. Alcoholic beverages must be consumed within the building.

What types of bar service are available?
A full host bar or beer, wine, & soft drinks may be offered where the host pays for all beverages based on consumption. A full cash bar would require the guests pay for their own beverages. You may select a hosted beer, wine, soft drinks & cash cocktails where the host pays for beer wine and soft drinks based on consumption and your guests pay for their own cocktails. You may also elect to have a hosted bar to a set dollar limit or set time and then switch over to a cash bar; you would be responsible for consumption to the dollar limit or set time and then your guests would pay for all drinks.

Do you serve alcoholic beverages on Sunday?
We are not licensed to serve alcoholic beverages on Sunday and must obtain a special license for Sunday alcohol service. The license must be submitted, approved and paid for 30 days in advance of your event. You will incur the cost of the license fee which is per each Sunday event.

When do I decide on the menus?
All menus and number of attendees should be decided on 30 days prior to your event. You will then be issued a Banquet Event Order (BEO) with details of your event.

What if the number of attendees changes?
Your final guarantee of the number of attendees is required seven (7) days prior to your event. The room will be set and food & beverage ordered and prepared for the guaranteed number of guests. This will be considered your minimum guarantee and is not subject to reduction. If no guarantee is received, the original expected attendance on your Banquet Event Order will be used. If your attendee count should increase there will be additional charges that apply and will be due upon the end of the event.

What if my attendees are late?
To ensure the best quality and presentation of your food & beverage, we encourage you to select the most accurate times for your meal service. Plated meals are held in a heated unit prior to the beginning of your meal service. Buffets are ready 15 minutes prior to the time selected and are open for 75 minutes. If your service time is delayed more than 30 minutes from the contracted meal service time then our company caterer would not be responsible for food presentation or quality.

May I take home extra plates of food not served or uneaten items on the buffet?
No, to remain in compliance with SC DHEC Retail Food Establishment specifications no excess food or beverage can be released to guests to take outside the building after an event.

What are the types of food & beverage services available?
A traditional seated meal with table service is the perfect compliment to a formal event. All entrees are pre-ordered. plated fresh and served by wait staff. Salads and non-alcoholic beverages may be pre-set on the tables or served once all attendees are seated. Buffet style offers a more casual option giving attendees the freedom to choose from your pre-selected vegetables and entrĂ©e(s). If you have hearty eaters or reason to believe that your attendees may take more than a normal sized portion or two entrees please let the Event Service Manager know when finalizing your Banquet Event Order. Full-service buffet strikes a balance between buffet and seated meals, this option offers full table service for the first course and dessert with a buffet for the main course. Reception service provides for a highly social event with guest mingling while enjoying a variety of hot and cold hors d’oeuvres. Reception events only have banquet seating for 50% of your attendees with high-top cocktail tables or side tables to encourage socializing of guests. Reception menus also feature butler-passed items that are passed by wait staff as there are certain menu items that do not present or hold well in chafers.

May our guests place orders?
We will take an order for any event under 30 guests. It does slow down service. We recommend either pre-ordered entrees along with assigned seating and place cards designating the order for any event over 30 guests or selection of a menu with smaller portions of two entrees so all your guests are accommodated.

Do I have to share space with another group?
Yes. The main entrance and prefunction space outside the meeting rooms are open to all guests in the building. Activities in prefunction areas must take into consideration the requirements of other events and cannot restrict in any way other guests’ flow to and from their events.

Can I get an estimate of the costs of my event?
We can provide you with an estimate of your costs, depending on the type of event you book. Changes you make to meeting room times, meeting room setup, menus, audiovisual equipment, bars, event rental equipment, and the number of attendees may change the original estimate. We do require a pre-approved credit card for any changes.

Are there any additional charges?
Yes. All food, beverage, room rental, hosted bars, audio visual and equipment prices are subject to a 20% service charge plus SC State Sales Tax (6%), Hospitality Tax (2%) as well as an additional 5% on all liquor purchases.

What if I need security for the event?
We will be happy to arrange security for your event. The hourly rate is $35.00 per security officer and must be paid at the end of the event to the Security Company. We reserve the right to assign security to your event and to bill you for security charges. Security is required for all cash bar events.

Can I cancel my event?
Yes. Cancellation of events must be in writing and cancellation charges do apply as the date of the cancellation determines whether the conference & events center would be able to replace any or your entire event with comparable business. The sliding scale of cancellation charges is noted in your Booking Agreement.

Can I get my deposit back?
Deposits are non-refundable and will be applied to your balance the night of the event.

When is payment due?
Payment in full for each event is required seven (7) days prior to your event.

For more information, please download our informational PDF.

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